Guidelines for applicants

This document contains detailed information about the application procedure. We strongly advise you to read it before starting to fill in the Application Form.

Application Form

This form expects to be an easy and simple way to prepare your application, allowing you to introduce progressively the details and information required.
You must start creating your new user by chosing your new USERNAME and PASSWORD. From the beginning, you have to indicate your home institution.

The Application Form should be filled in English.

Before starting to fill in the Application Form, you must be sure of having all the certificates and language skills required to attend the sought programmes(s) and the institution(s).

If an applicant submits more than one application, the system will automatically consider the most recent one.


MN selection procedures

  1. Application: Once you have checked that you are eligible for a scholarship and know what programme type, mobility level and field of study you want to apply to and the documents that are requested for each level of mobility and target group, fill in the online application form, upload all necessary documents and close your application.

    ATTENTION: When filling in the online application, you may select up to three different host institutions, in order of preference. You must also respect the language requirements and some other additional criteria defined by each host institution. However, depending on the number of applications received, the institutions selected as 2nd and 3rd options may decide not to evaluate applications.

  2. Validation by the home university: After the deadline, your application will be validated by your home university regarding the eligibility criteria such as language proficiency, mandatory documents, etc. If your application was classified as not eligible, you will be informed via email.
  3. Grading by both host and home universities. If your application is classified as not admissible, you will be informed via email.
  4. Selection: The Selection Committee will meet and do the final selection of the scholarships following the criteria of academic merit taking into account also cross-cutting requirements such as a balanced scholarship distribution among the partner universities, gender-balance and real participation of disadvantaged people. If your application was not selected for a scholarship or included in the reserve list, you will be informed about the reasons and have at least one week to appeal against this decision of the Selection Committee.
  5. Confirmation by home and host universities: The final selection result will be notified to the host and home universities who will confirm the list of selected applicants.
  6. Notification of the award decision: All selected candidates will be informed about the award decision by email. Selected candidates will not have more than seven days to accept or reject the offered scholarship. Candidates within the reserve list may be notified if the selected candidates refuse or drop out of their scholarships.
  7. Scholarship contract: All selected candidates will have to sign a scholarship contract specifying their rights and obligations regarding the grant. Afterwards, the host universities will start the admission procedures for their future grantees and send the Invitation Letters required for the visa application (if needed).

    ATTENTION: Please note that in case a selected applicant is afterwards identified as not eligible, she/he will have to reimburse the costs had by the partnership with the mobility flow until that moment.

  8. Latest ending dates: All mobilities must end until July 2019.